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American Conservation Consortium provides a wide array of museum preservation and conservation services.  Our website is designed to present helpful information about the preservation and care of historic objects.  Included are relevant articles, links to suppliers and organizations, and background information on the services that we provide.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

ACC was founded in 1988 to provide sensitive, ethical, state-of-the-art conservation services to small and medium-sized museums, historical societies and historic houses which do not have in-house conservation facilities. We also serve larger institutions and select private clients. Our emphasis is always on preventing deterioration, rather than treating it after it has occurred.  We offer:

  • Conservation assessments and surveys

  • Consultation in collections preservation

  • Moisture management problem solving

  • Environmental monitoring and low-tech control systems

  • IMLS and NEH grant preparation assistance

  • Conservation treatment of objects  including wooden objects, furniture, decorative architectural elements and horse-drawn vehicles.  Specific treatment areas include structure, joinery, veneer, marquetry, turning, carving, finishes, painted surfaces, protective coatings, and minimally-intrusive upholstery.

  • American Conservation Consortium's clients have included the White House, Mount Vernon, the Hermitage, Canterbury Shaker Village, the Atlanta History Center, the Currier Gallery of Art, the Antiquarian and Landmarks Society, the State of California, and numerous smaller historical societies and historic house museums. On-site services are available nationwide.

    Marc A. Williams, President and CEO, received a B.A. in American Decorative Arts and Chemistry, and earned his M.S. from the Winterthur Museum Art Conservation Program in 1978, with a major in wooden objects and minor in painted wood. After completing an internship at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, he served as Chief Wooden Objects Conservator at the Smithsonian Institution's Conservation Analytical Laboratory and as Founder and Director of the Smithsonian's post-graduate Furniture Conservation Training Program.

    We are structured to provide flexibility in meeting your preservation and conservation needs.  As a consortium, we work with a team of experts for each project that is assembled for the specific needs of that project.  Therefore, we have lower overhead and the ability to meet a much larger range of consultation and treatment needs.  Please select one of the links on the left for more information.

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