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Collections Care Newsletter

Unfortunately, there is a whole host of inaccurate information presented in print.  Some of this is in old publications with out-of-date information.  However, newly released information is often misleading or even outright wrong, particularly that information published in local sources such as newspapers or magazines.  Further confusion is created by partially trained "professionals" such as many restorers, who continue to perpetrate the old myths about collections care.  In addition, there is disagreement between professional conservators on many issues.  All of these factors make obtaining accurate, reliable information difficult for the museum curator or collector. 

To solve this problem, American Conservation Consortium is interested in publishing a Collections Care Newsletter.  It's exact format is yet to be determined, but most likely it will be an emailed message with a link to a quarterly web-based newsletter.  It will discuss current issues in care and treatment of collections, as well as answer questions submitted by readers.  Included will be articles written specifically for the newsletter or re-published from another more obscure source.  It will emphasize practical, inexpensive, low-tech advice whenever possible, and will be aimed at the person responsible for collections care, not at professional conservators.

This undertaking is rather large.  Ideally, we would like to offer the newsletter as a free service.  In order to accomplish this, we will need the voluntary assistance of others.  In particular, we would like to receive content/articles from other professional colleagues, both conservators and curators/collection managers.  We can provide the editorial oversight, but also may need some assistance with layout, design and other practical issues.

If you are interested in assisting with this project, please send us an email (  Until we reach a critical mass of individuals willing to participate, the project will not move forward.  Thank you for considering this opportunity. 

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