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Commercial Dehumidifiers

American Conservation Consortium provides commercial dehumidifiers made by DEC ThermaStor (click link to visit their web site). The most common model we suggest for an excellent combination of efficiency and cost is the Santa Fe, but other models are available. This dehumidifier has a rated capacity of 100 pints per day, yet uses no more electricity than conventional 50 pint units. One of its primary advantages is that it can be used at very low temperatures without freezing up, unlike conventional dehumidifiers. Theoretically, it is still functional in the 30's F (conventional household "hardware store" dehumidifiers frost up between 60-65 degrees), but a more realistic lower end if used in conjunction with dehumidistatically controlled heat is around 55 degrees F. Both the intake and exhaust can be ducted, allowing remote installation, or installation in a bypass manner into an existing air handling system.  The dehumidistat in all of their units is the Honeywell H46C ribbon type that produces very poor RH stability if the ambient temperatures fluctuate (see this graph), so a digital control system is highly recommended, particularly if the unit is ducted into a heating system.

American Conservation Consortium is qualified for a trade purchase discount for all of DEC ThermaStor's dehumidifiers and accessories. Generally, this is 50% off of the manufacturer's retail prices. We resell the equipment to museums and non-profits at our cost as a service to the field. For this reason, we can assist you only with quantity orders, as generally you will find it more convenient working with a local supplier for 1 or 2 units as the dehumidifiers are drop-shipped from the factory via motor freight. However, if your local supplier is too pricey, we will consider helping you with smaller purchases.



Santa Fe (formerly Sahara)
The Santa Fe is an ultra-efficient residential dehumidifier guaranteed to eliminate basement mold and milder problems. Unlike standard residential dehumidifiers, the Santa Fe can remove over 100 pints of water per day. The unit is also ultra-efficient, removing two to three times more water for the same cost as operating a standard residential dehumidifier.

In a finished basement, the Santa Fe can be located out of sight and ducted to provide air circulation and humidity control to the entire basement. A dry, odor-free basement provides more living and damage-free storage space.

Literature (PDF):
Santa Fe Brochure
Santa Fe Spec Sheet

Press Release
Energy StarŪ Program


bullet Removes over 100 pints of water per day, 2-3 times more than other residential dehumidifiers
bullet Meets EPA standards to earn Energy Star rating
bullet High quality built-in defrost system designed for operation down to 55°F prevents frost build-up on internal coils
bullet Controlled by a dehumidistat with positive "ON" and "OFF" settings and a variable setting range from 20% to 80%
bullet Contains a blower switch that permits continuous blower operation independent of dehumidification
bullet Factory installed 6 foot power cord; 115 volt with ground
bullet Contains a 6 ft. vinyl gravity drain hose for condensate drainage
bullet Optional remote duct kit available so that an area can be dehumidified remotely while the dehumidifier is in a different room


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