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Furniture and Wooden Object Photo Gallery

Before treatment, c. 1830. Degraded later finish over original finish, foot painted with bronze paint.

After treatment. Later finish removed, preserving original finish, bronze paint removed and original ebonizing inpainted, protective coating applied.

Before Treatment, c. 1805. Extensive dirt and grime on gilding and original finish, gesso and gold leaf losses, oxidized brass, missing ormolu mount

After treatment. Surfaces cleaned of grime, preserving original finish, losses filled and in-gilded (not regilded), brass polished, ormolu mount cleaned.

Before treatment, c. 17th/19th C. Extensive loose veneer and marquetry, missing banding and marquetry, surfaces dirty.

After treatment. Surfaces cleaned, veneer reglued, missing banding and marquetry replaced, protective coating applied.

Before treatment, c. 1890. Extensive detached and missing pieces, repainted incorrect colors, very dirty.

After treatment. Loose pieces reattached, missing pieces fabricated, paint history evaluated visually and microscopically, and repainted historically correct colors.

Before treatment, c. 1870. Light bleaching of finish, water damage to finish.

After treatment. Damaged and degraded finish removed, new French polish (shellac) finish applied.

Cross-section of paint and varnish, 100x. Top image is natural light, bottom image is UV light. Dark brown layers are varnish layers which are obscured in natural light. UV light reveals their stratigraphy. Original paint layers are on the bottom of both images, with later overpaint at the top of both images.

During treatment, c 1835. Heavy dirt and grime removed on right half to reveal original finish.

During treatment, c 1770. Extensive clamping of complicated loose marquetry.

During treatment, c. 1790. Use of minimally intrusive upholstery understructure. Shaped Ethafoam seat back and baltic birch platform as support for seat. Only three fasteners total into original rails.

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