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Historic house interior.

Preservation Consultation Services

Museum interior.

The staff of American Conservation Consortium is well versed in a whole host of preservation issues.  Our specialty is creative problem solving, with an emphasis on simple, effective solutions.  Surprisingly, many of the text-book preservation standards are not accurate, particularly for historic buildings.  Innovative solutions to preservation must be developed, and we have extensive experience with these concerns.  Following is a list of assistance that we provide, but it is by no means comprehensive.  If you have a preservation problem that is not listed, give us a try!

bulletGeneral Preservation.  Assistance with all preservation issues for many types of collections.  If we don't know, we will refer you to someone who does.
bulletConservation Assessments.  We will provide you with a broad overview of a myriad of factors that affect preservation of collections at your site, with prioritized preservation actions.
bulletConservation Surveys.  We examine a limited sub-group of your collection item by item to produce brief condition reports with treatment needs prioritized.  Offered for furniture, wooden objects, horse-drawn vehicles, interior architectural features, and related items.
bulletEnvironmental Monitoring and Low-Tech Control.  See our web page for more detail.
bulletMoisture Management Plans.  See our web page for more detail.
bulletLight Control Planning and Implementation.  Preparation of a light control plan for holistic site-wide reduction of deterioration.  Evaluation of various light control materials and techniques.  Provision of light blocking shades at wholesale cost.  Custom designed solutions for each site that also can incorporate elements of environmental stabilization in one procedure.
bulletStorage Improvement.  Our staff specializes in providing ingenious storage improvements on limited budgets using recycled products whenever possible.  Fully acceptable storage furniture and storage systems do not have to cost tens of thousands of dollars.
bulletCondition Reports and Proposed Treatments.  Detailed examination of individual objects with suggested treatment alternatives, including hours/costs.  Offered for furniture, wooden objects, horse-drawn vehicles, interior architectural features and related items.
bulletGrant Preparation Assistance.  We have served as a field reviewer and panelist for a number of granting programs.  We know how to design a project to meet grant guidelines and can offer tips for success that the granting agencies won't tell you.  Please see the How can my museum/organization fund conservation costs? link on the FAQ page for more information on granting programs.
bulletSecond Opinions.  Do you want another perspective?  Or do you feel not quite right about the information you were presented with?  We will be glad to give you a second opinion, whether it be for a moisture control plan, an environmental control system, or the conservation treatment of an object. 

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Custom designed double shade bracket.

Mylar and room darkening shades installed.

Valance (to be painted) hides shades.


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