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Resume, Marc Williams


Staff Qualifications

American Conservation Consortium was founded in 1988 by Marc A. Williams, President and CEO, to provide sensitive, ethical, state-of-the-art conservation services to small and medium-sized museums, historical societies and historic houses which do not have in-house conservation facilities.  At that time, he was Chief Wooden Objects Conservator at the Smithsonian Institution, and director of their graduate Furniture Conservation Training Program.  In 1990, he left the Smithsonian to work full time for American Conservation Consortium.

Mr. Williams was the first furniture conservation graduate of the prestigious Winterthur Museum Conservation Graduate Program and was one of the first academically trained furniture conservators in the world.  He has helped to develop many of the procedures and processes currently in use in the wooden object conservation profession.  His experience and depth of knowledge are unequalled.  He is a Fellow of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC).

American Conservation Consortium works with a diverse group of conservators, each team assembled for the unique needs of a project.  All lead conservators are Fellows or Professional Associates of AIC, and Mr. Williams personally works on or supervises every project.  All procedures and practices adhere to the AIC's Code of Ethics.  Our goal is to be small enough to be responsive to your needs and provide personalized service, yet large enough to provide a comprehensive scope of services.

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